Monday, January 25, 2010

And it only took 4 and a half Years!!

Well, I have just finished Jim's wedding present. I bound off my Reversibly Cabled Afghan about 20 minutes ago. The ends of the yarn are not tied in...but Jim is using it and he loves it. He was discharged on Friday from the hospital so I didn't meet my goal of finishing it before he came home...but I am glad to finally have it off the needles. It is incredibly warm almost hot. This is Aran weight yarn to begin with and the afghan is reversible so it is knit almost double and very heavy. It's gorgeous if I do say so...and you can't find the mistake I made in counting rows. When I first began this afghan...I had a deep set aversion to charts and wouldn't use them to save my self...I have learned to use charts since because of all the lace knitting i have done in the mean time...and looking at the charts for this was so much easier to follow this month. I'm sure if I'd figured out charts before...I would have been done before the wedding!

On the other note...We are praising God that He has seen fit to allow Jim to come home. He is adjusting to home life again. He lost close to 30 pounds while he was in the hospital...most of it muscle, I can see the lack of muscle in his arms and legs. He is really weak but was able to navigate the stairs yesterday so that he could sleep in bed. He's already been seen by the VNA of Michigan and is supposed to have home Physical therapy and Speech Therapy. He is gaining strength every day but still has a long road ahead. He has to learn how to deal with anxiety and stress in more appropriate ways and he knows that. She we are both praying for God's leading to the best ways for Jim to manage his own stress. He came out of this whole ordeal a diabetic as dealing with dietary changes has been challenging for him. He has an appetite and taste buds for the first time in years and is wanting to take advantage. Beside that, he isn't smoking and wants to snack all the time. These are just matters that we are turning over to God in prayer.


Suzanne said...

So happy your husband is home! Will be praying for his recovery. The afghan is gorgeous!!

De-De said...

Oh, Joy! The afghan is fantastic - well worth every single minute you spent working on it. :) Congratulations on completing it, and as soon as you sew down those ends, having one of your 2010 goals whipped! You know you and Jim will continue in my prayers.

writerdahling said...

I want to add my gratitude that Jim is back and getting strong again. I'm stunned by your afghan! It is truly a masterpiece.