Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Firsts of the Summer

I am officially declaring it Summer Time!  It feels like summer, it looks like summer, it has to be summer except for the calendar which hasn't caught up with the weather yet.   We have been enjoying the wonderful weather so far and the firsts this year.

First off...Corn is in at the grocery!  this is the first Corn on the cob that Rebekah has had this year and the first time she's ever "dug in" like this.  We enjoyed a Bar-B-Que outdoors last week and Rebekah had to butter every one's corn...before digging in to her own...which she completely enjoyed!  Afterwards, she had to finish Daddy's ear of corn too...

This year is also a first in that Mommy has been playing outside on the trampoline.  I am trying to lose weight for a "Biggest Loser" competition at the hospital where I work.  So I have been trying to exercise on the trampoline.  Sometimes Rebekah joins me!

We have so much fun playing's so hard to believe that it's not really summer yet!  I have a summer girl.

This weekend was Memorial Day, the first holiday of summer, and the parade and sunshine and flags and veterans, we thank you for sacrificing for our freedom.  My Dearest Husband is an Army Veteran and I am so proud of him!  He served in Communications in Germany.  I love him and I'm so proud of him!!  Thank you honey! 

So we went to the parade on Monday.  Armed with bags...who can resist giving candy to a little girl like this????  She came away with a HUGE haul of candy and lots of fun was had by all....even the lady who stood next to us during the parade was picking up candy for Rebekah!  It was so much fun!  Even Jim got into the action, cane and all!

So we have begun the summer fun even without summer...but we even have fun without the sunshine!  This is Rebekah's first experience with paint...and very closely monitored by myself...I LOVE being a mom!