Thursday, April 10, 2008


Even though it was cold, we took a trip to to the Detroit Zoo today. We all had fun seeing the animals and walking around the park. Rebekah even enjoyed the snakes! We saw brand new Butterflies just out of their chrysalis.

Clues 2 finished!!!

I finally took pictures of the 2 KALs I'm in. The Blue is Secret of Bad Nauheim and the Red one is Mystic Light.

I stopped on the way home from work the other morning because a really nice sunrise was reflected in the lake. I took a picture but it doesn't give God credit for his beautiful creation I saw that morning. That's a real Mystic Light.

Go Tigers

Friday, April 4 was our first trip to the Tiger game. We had a lot of fun even if the Tigers did lose. Rebekah enjoyed watching the game and the kids behind us and the hot dogs. We rode the carousel during the game. Rebekah started out a little frightened, but got over it soon and was laughing as soon as the carousel started up.

We picked Chris up on Saturday and had fun playing outside on the new toy!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Progress on clues 1 and 1!

I was able to spend the day knitting yesterday and by this morning I had finished clue 1 of both Mystic Light and Secret of Bad Nauheim. I don't know how some of the knitters get their clues done in 1 day! I did decide about half way through Mystic Light that I didn't like the way it was turning out and decided to frog and go down a needle size. I figured that it looked much better that way and I was able to loosen up my tension. I was knitting so tight on the size 5 needles to keep it from looking sloppy. Going down to the 4.5 needles, I was able to get a better stitch definition in my opinion. It's such a beautiful pattern! Secret of Bad Nauheim doesn't have much going on yet like the Mystic Light but I like it as well. I joined another KAL too. I'm getting to be pretty bad at this! I'm going to have too many thing OTN and nothing done! Here they are...
The background isn't so great for the Mystic Light but I wanted to be able to measure it for the first clue to make sure I was on the right track size wise...It's 23 inches x 13 inches (58cm x 32 cm). Bad Nauheim is 21.5 inches x 4.5 inches (52cm x 12 cm).
All in all I've learned so much. I learned how to read charts in the SOTS2 group and in the Mystic Light, I've learned how to cable without a needle. In all these groups, I am now able to "read" my knitting and correct mistakes. It's such fun!