Monday, August 15, 2011

And yet again...It's been a long time

Just the other day my Step son was complaining because his summer is almost gone and he "didn't really get to relax" He's been going to football practice because he'll be playing Freshman Football for the Waterford Kettering Captains!! I've never been a "Football Mom" so there's lots to learn...But it's all good. I'm proud of him.

But I was realizing that my summer is almost gone too...not that I got any time to relax with responsibilities of a home and family and a full time job with overtime required to pay bills...But here it is halfway through August and I'm still wondering where July went! It has been a great summer though. We managed to make it to the beach owned by our association and really enjoyed the sun and sand...and we will still have time to enjoy it more! We also got to enjoy Rebekah's first Carnival. We paid for the wrist band and let her pick the rides...She kept wanting to go on the Ferris Wheel....Mom or Dad had to ride with her. needless to say...she' is still waiting to ride the Ferris Wheel!! She was almost fearless going on those kiddie rides alone. Some even flew in the air...and she loved it...Even put her hands up on the Kiddie Coaster!!  She had a blast and my heart was full of enjoyment at her fun!!! We even enjoyed a few trips to the ice cream store!

In the middle of all this fun, we managed to help Chris get his stuff together for football and starting High School this year. It's a daunting task to take on a child when he is entering High School and try to make that experience enjoyable for him. But I really believe that Chris is not only having a good time being part of a team but that he is also going to succeed in the 9th grade!!

On top of all of this...I managed to knit project one and 2 of the Camp Loopy Challenge. The first project was knitting a shawl using 2 colors. It only had to be a shawlette...but I'm not much of one for little I used 6 skeins of yarn!  Considering that I finished that shawl in the one month given (June 15-July 15) and it used 1200 yards of yarn...I should have no trouble finishing the last project...using 800 yards of yarn! Only 800!  That's easy! I knitted my Pamuya and added some yardage. I'll be knitting Old Shale for project 3 and won't be adding any right now. I also managed to finish my Baudelaire socks for Project 2.  So tonight...I plan to cast on my Malibrigo Rios for the 3rd Camp project.  And why, you may ask, do I do this...It's all for Wollmeisse...a free skein of Wollmeisse yarn...That ellusive yarn that is incredibly hard to obtain and so I am doing all of this for a freebie!!