Friday, August 20, 2010

Regressing...seriously regressing

Hi!  Its been a long summer!  Jim's been doing awesome in his studies and although it's finals week, He's going to end this semester with 2 solid A's and a B which is great for him after all he's been through this year.  This summer is almost gone.  I can hardly believe it!  Seems like just yesterday I was picking Chris up from his last day of school to spend some time with us for the summer...this week, we were buying some school clothes for him to start 8th grade in a couple of weeks...and Rebekah will start preschool in September.  I'm not sure I'm ready for my little girl to be growing up so soon.

My summer has basically consisted of work and driving.  Jim has to get to school somehow...and after his final next Wednesday, he will have his 6 day summer break before he starts his final semester at OCC.  After this fall semester, he can graduate with his Associates degree in Business.  He'd like to take some more business classes after that...we are praying the funds come in for this.

So I have been doing a fair amount of knitting and listening to books and I realized that I haven't updated my blog at all!!  In a way it's been interesting...I did get bitten by the Fair Isle bug finally.  I'm part of the Sock Knitters Anonymous group on Ravelry which has a mystery sock every other month. July was a sock by Chrissy Gardiner done in colorwork. I really enjoyed knitting this and learning the technique! that accomplishes one of my annual goals. I just have to finish the second sock.  I also used stash yarn from about 4 years that counts as well...2 goals worked on...

I've also been working on a couple of shawls that I'd like to finish.  My ILS yahoo group is going to be doing the Icelandic Lace Shawl again. I bought the kit a long time ago from Sarah's yarns but the group was finished with the knitting so I shelved it.  I dug it out in preparation for the KAL on the yahoo group.  If anyone is interested, we will be starting October 1st and it's supposed to be a pretty easy knit.  Its the Icelandic Lace shawl yahoo group.

So with all of these things on my plate plus I pulled out my February Ladies Shawl from the UFO bin and started working on it today. I really needed something to have on hand for those times when you need something to work on that is able to be done without directions or light, something that an be put down in the middle of the row and picked back up without losing stitches or forgetting where you are. So I decided that I had to cast on two more things.  Seems everyone has to knit the Jared flood Noro scarf at sometime in their life.  I picked some Bernat Mosaic for my first one because I couldn't justify 50$ of yarn for a scarf right now...but I ended up finding a clearance sale for some real Noro Silk garden now I have 2 on the needles...sorry, no pictures of the Noro one yet....

So I have 3 shawls, 2 scarves and one sock on the needles and nothing completely finished for the summer knitting season!!  Unless you count the 2009 Christmas Socks that I finally finished for my SIL!!! However I failed to get a picture of them...stupid! I also did some knitting on some Chemo caps for my Aunt.  Quick and easy...gotta love those projects. My Aunt is recovering well from chemo and we pray that this does the job. This is my mom modeling my Aunt's hat. My aunt is her sister. And , of course, Bekah modeling one of the other hats.

So that's my summer in a nut shell...looking forward to next year for the first summer in 4 years that Jim won't be taking college classes!!!