Sunday, December 13, 2009

Long Time...playing catch up!

Well it's been such a long time since I blogged and I really don't want to bore you with everything that has been happening. Suffice it to say that it has been a very busy semester for Jim. He has taken on 5 classes with a total of 15 credits and he is passing all of them and has A's in 3 classes. i am so proud of my husband!! it has been a hard haul but the end it coming into sight for him. So needless to say, I have been busy driving us all around and playing with Rebekah.

Rebekah started Cubbies this year at church...she Loves it and is able to repeat all the verses she has learned so far! She's got about 12 of them memorized to sing. I caught on quickly to how fast she learns and remembers when we we make up little tunes to learn her verses by, all the I have to do is hum the first bar of the tune and she is saying (or rather singing) the verse. I am so pleased that she is hiding God's Word in her heart at this early age. It will definitely give her comfort in the future. She is also learning other things like how to play organized games and take turns. She has good teachers and I so appreciate their willingness to participate as leaders in AWANA so that Rebekah can benefit from them.

Rebekah turned 3 since I last posted. She had 2 parties!! And was princess for the entire week...or month...or maybe I should just say she is princess everyday...sometimes good and sometimes bad, but she is still a princess in our eyes...Grandma T made her a pink twirly dress that she adores and has a hard time taking off at night...She talks about her grandparents all the time...both sets. She got huge box of play doh fun stuff from Grandma and Grandpa D. and got to spend time with Aunt Carol and grandpa and Grandma at Bob Evens where only her meal was free!! Still she had so much fun celebrating her birthday with everyone...

She was Sleeping beauty for Halloween and kept putting the dress back on for 5 days... Until I hid it so I could wash it!! She had so much fun going out...even if she did insist on wearing the heels that came with the outfit!! Now she begs to wear it to play dress up in. I am so grateful for a child with an imagination beyond watching TV all day!!
God has blessed us and Jim and I are ever mindful of the treasure that God has shared with us to raise and train up to love and obey God. In today's day and age we know that raising a child has a lot of hard times, there is so much to combat in our society that is against God...We pray that God will continue to help us guard her heart and keep her drawing close to Him.

We are getting ready for grand Christmas this year. Jim has been out of a job and going to college for over 2 years now and the Lord has really provided for us in ways that I never saw...there are times that I am nervous and not trusting but somehow we seems to make it despite the difficulties of one income. It can be done, we just have to learn to cut back. This Christmas will still be wonderful as we are all together and healthy and safe. Rebekah and spent some time coloring pictures and decorating the tree...

Through all this I have been knitting... I've done some test knitting....Symphony and Concerto...

And some Christmas knitting...and some knitting that was supposed to be for Christmas. Have you ever tried telling a 3 YO that she has to wait until Christmas to wear socks like these!! These are mini Monkeys that I adapted from Cookie A's now famous Monkey sock pattern! Rebekah loves them! and they were so much fun and easy to it's time for more...After I have some fun playing with my daughter right now!!