Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Haul

I can't believe how long it's been since I posted!! Well...We bought 4 bags of candy to pass out on Halloween. I figured that we would take Rebekah around for about 20 minutes and then come back home and pass out candy for the rest of the time. It didn't work that way. The weather was so nice! People in our neighborhood were out on their porches sitting in lawn chairs to pass out candy. The kids were out without need of coats. It was like a scene from those Disney movies with the kids trick or treating in California or Florida where it's always warm. Anyhow...we took Rebekah out as Angelina Ballerina. So was absolutely adorable!! I did knit her some ballet slippers but they weren't appropriate for walking outside in (although she loves those slippers!!)

I sort of figured that she would get tired. Should have known better!! She walked the entire way about 1.5 miles around our neighborhood and back home. I only helped her up some of the steep steps. She got to the end and was saying "Treat" and then she'd wave and say "Bye Bye" when we walked away. Even some of the other kids were commenting on how cute she was. Can you hear the pride in my voice as I write this? We had so much fun as a family and I am so glad we had this beautiful day so that we could enjoy Rebekah's first Trick or Treat!

She ended up with a shopping bag full of "CANNY" and chips. So far, I am very proud of her...She knows were the candy is and hasn't been pestering up for more. We do limit her candy intake because she's already a handful without being hyped up on sugar!!

I just had to throw in this one...Rebekah and Daddy love to build tall block buildings. I absolutely love watching Rebekah play! If there is one thing I am praying for as a toddler...I want my Daughter to have fun playing! I don't want her to grow up so fast and join the ranks of kids who hide out in their rooms on computers and cell phones and video games. She loves her Mommie and Daddy and demands their time and attention to play with her and I think this is a good things for her and for us as a family.

I the knitting way...I have been working on my Fall shawl. It is coming along really nice. I decided to take it off the needles and put it on fish line to sort of spread it out and take a picture. It's a yarn blob on the needles and I can't really take a picture of it, So I quickly spread it out on the bed...This is one of those quick snap shots so it doesn't show the beauty of the shawl as nicely as it really is. I wish I could take classes in photography so I could compose better!!

Can you believe...All that work and I forgot to measure it!! It's still on the fish line right now so I will lay it out again and measure what I've done so far. This picture is through clue 5. I think it's a lovely way to use this variegated yarn that I love from Knit Picks. The pattern and the yarn don't compete.

I'm starting work on The Charlotte Bronte shawl. It's for Knit The Classics Yahoo group. We are going to be knitting this shawl or another project of your choosing and listening to or reading classic Bronte. I'm still finishing up the Craft Lit episodes for "The Turn of the Screw" and when I'm finished with those, I have "Jane Eyre" ready to listen to and "The Tenant of Wildfell Hall" as well.

I really like Craft Lit for a podcast. Heather Ordover is amazing! Classic books that are in the public domain are read each episode. Well, chapters of the book that is. Right now we are listening to Little Women (one of my favorites growing up) But what makes this podcast so great is Heather's explanation of the literature and things to be aware of. It's like having a mini Literature appreciation lesson. I'm really enjoying it. I just found this podcast, so I am also going through back episodes of it as well. It keeps me company on the long drives when Jim and Rebekah fall asleep in the car. I would recommend this podcast to everyone. I also recommend Faery Knitting with Erin. She reads the fairy tales that are public domain and discusses knitting, goats, milk and cheese...all very interesting. There are several other podcasts I listen to, but these are superb for the book and story telling!