Wednesday, October 15, 2008

SOTS3 is finished!!

I did it this time, I finished the Secret of the Stole III in time! I loved knitting this one and it looks beautiful. Rebekah loved it too and posed for a couple of pictures. I still have to block it but it looks like I will have to wait until Friday to do that.

I also started to work on the Fall shawl by Wendy McDonnell. It's a shawl that she designed for using the variegated yarns that we like but never seem to be suitable for most stoles or shawls. There is a lot of design choices that we get to make, like where to place the flowers and buds in the second clue. I am finding it very interesting. Not like others I've done that just chart the whole thing out. This is my shawl. I'm sort of designing it a little because I get to pick how the sections will ultimately look. So far, all I have are pictures of the first clue. I'm still working on the second clue.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Catching up on my Knitting

It has been a profitable kniting weekend (even if the laundry hasn't all been folded and put away). I completed Clue 8 of SOTS3. I can't believe that this stole will be finished next week!! It's been so nice to knit and is turning out beautiful. I don't have a clue as to the theme except for snow. Maybe Aspen or Colorado. We will know soon. I just want a chance to win the grandprize of that yarn from Colourmart!!

I also started the armholes on the Central Park Hoodie I'm working on. I didn't have a clue as to how to keep this going in the round but it seems to be working for me this way and I'm controlling the 3 skeins of yarn at one time so far. I like how this pattern is turning out and am planning to maybe knit it for myself without the hood, just a collar. It's also a nice easy nit and the cables make it look fancier than it really is. I use the cableing without a needle method that I learned from Grumperina's Blog.

I also started the pansy shawl from Schoolhouse press. As if I'm not already in enough KALs!! I have started and frogged a number of it remains to be seen if I will end up finishing this one also!! I bought the yarn from Wendy of It is hand dyed and smells wonderful even while I am knitting with it. It is simply beautiful yarn to knit with, soft and smells scrumptious!!

Next month Wendy is hosting a Finishupitis contest on the Icelandic Shawl Yahoo group and I plan on being involved in that. I promise not to start anything else (fingers crossed) and will figure out what projects I really want to finish and which will end up in the frogged forever pond!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Really!! I have been knitting!

It's been a bit of a hard week. Jim and I have both been ill, Rebekah has the sniffles. I worked 3 nights in a row (which totally kills me). I also started Precepts Bible study at church (the best in deapth Bible study I've ever done) and today is Rebekah's 2nd Birthday!! We had a little family party with Grandma and Grandpa T and Uncle Brian and Aunt Jennifer last night with Spaghetti and salad and cornbread muffins and cake and ice cream. I have been waiting for her 2nd birthday for a while!! Here's why...

When Dad was 2, my Grandparents gave him this wagon. On my 2nd birthday, I had cake on the same wagon. Mom and Dad have this wagon now and Rebekah plays with it when she visits Grandma and

Rebekah had a great little birthday party! And I have documentation that a Ride-Em wagon will last over 60 years!! And still provide lots of fun to children of all ages.

On other fronts, I am working on the Central Park Hoodie and got to the sleeves. I don't know if I am doing it right to qualify as knitting in the round, but it looks good to me and is working in my mind. Maybe I'm "unventing" something in my own way. Anyhow, it's fun!! And I promise to take a picture soon. Check here for further updates or on my Ravelry page (joylinnknits).

I also finished Clue 7 of SOTS 3. I can't believe that I have kept up with this one!! I hope to finish in time and be entered in the final drawing for the Colourmart yarn!! That would be so great!!! This is not the greatest picture. I took it at work over the only thing I could find that was big enough. It's not such a great backdrop, but it's done! I should have posted it earlier. I finished it on Wednesday night.