Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A funny thing happened on the way to Community Service

So Sunday was a day my Stepson was scheduled to do some community service. From what I understand, there is a requirement for community service during the 4 years of High School. Being that Chris is part of the football team, his coach provides some opportunities for service. Not a bad thing at all...So Sunday was Chris' turn to work at a fall festival at a local church. We figured that we would drop him off and pick him back up in 2 hours. We had no idea!
Once Rebekah saw the horse and ponies in the back...there was no going home and coming back...we were doomed to stay. And we had a blast doing so!  Chris had his work to do and Jim and I followed Rebekah around as she played on the inflatables, rode the horse and both ponies, played on the inflatables some more, and got her face painted like a butterfly, played on more inflatables and met a little girl with whom she bonded quickly and they played on the inflatable obstacle course together. Jim and I enjoyed some great food and I caught up with one of my cousins who attends the church!  It was great family fun and all because Chris had to do community service!  Gee Thanks buddy!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Learning something new!

My Best Friend, De-De, came for a visit in August. We crammed a lot of activities into 10 days!  We cruised in the Dream Cruise in a '63 Cadillac Convertible. We cleaned out my spare bedroom that is a computer room and yarn stash room...wish I had before and after pictures...but I didn't do that. Suffice it to say, it was about a 4 day job to clean that room up and organize yarn and books, and then clean the dining room up and organize the yarn in there and De-De carried it upstairs to help me organize all my yarn into one room. It was such a labor of love and it is truly appreciated!

We stayed up late and knit and watched movies and talked and looked at pictures and just had a fabulous time together!  We visited the Michigan Fiber Festival on Saturday and I learned how to weave a basket...This was one of the new things I learned. I've never done any basket weaving before and this class was a great way to learn it! Just before I left, I shot off an email to a friend of ours, Sally, who lives right near the fairgrounds. She stopped by to visit and invited us to dinner after the Festival closed for the day. What a special treat!!  Sally and her daughter were such gracious hostesses!  They treated us to a meal that would rival any 5 star restaurant!!  Delicious and beautifully served. It was sweet fellowship! It was the cream on top of a great day!

By far the best thing about De-De's visit was learning to spin!!  De-De taught me proper drop spindling and stick spinning. And I was finally able to get the hang of pre-drafting and then drafting fiber while spinning.  Then De-De taught me how to spin on my very own Fricke Spinning wheel. This thing is perfect!!  It has a whorl with 5 different speeds, came with 4 bobbins, and a lazy kate to boot!  I absolutely love it!!! And I realized that I don't have to be afraid of spinning anymore!
De-De takes these awesome pictures!!

You can truly tell this is beginner yarn but I love it!!! Rebekah and I both enjoyed having De-De's attention and even though she is visiting her daughter now, we miss her company!Told you...awesome pictures!