Monday, September 7, 2009

Labours of Labor Day

Some of us end up working holidays...people are always sick and hospitals never close their doors. a nurse...I'm still supposed to work only 2 of the 4 summer holidays. For the 2nd year in a row...I've worked 3 of them. And I worked 5 days of the 9 "winter holiday" obligations last year too...We'll see what happens when I turn in my requests for Winter this year...Maybe I will actually get one complete holiday off. I understand that as a MN shift holiday is actually the night before. But I still consider it working on the holiday if I have to go in to work on Christmas day at 7PM!!! We'll see.

That little rant being done...I'm glad that I worked last night and now I have my 3 day weekend for my holiday!! I've got so many things planned to do with 3 days in a row off. There is laundry and cleaning and spending time with Rebekah and Jim and taking care of the kitchen and making meals other than hot dogs on the grill...I love it.

Rebekah is growing up too quickly....She will be starting AWANA on Wednesday night. I was part of AWANA as a child and later I was a leader for 8 years and now my daughter will be starting at the earliest age. She'll be 3 in less than a she will start her first year of Cubbies. She's already got the beginning pamphlet and we have been looking it over every day. I am ready to be back into the mode of going to church on Wednesday nights!!

I really have been doing a lot of knitting lately...but some of it is test knitting so I cannot share it yet. I am working on my Venice shawl, my MIL's Susie hoodie, my February Lady Sweater, and some socks. I joined the Sock Knitters Anonymous group and although I really do not like the color yellow on my... I decided to try the Mystery sock. It's a Nancy Bush design and already has some interesting stitches. The one is called a Vikkel Braid. I've never seen this before let alone done it. Followed the directions...and Walla...Vikkel Braid. I did look at the tutorial because my first attempt at the braid was worked on the wrong side of the sock. Now I've got it right and it works well.

To top all that off...I still have several UFOs hanging around the house and I was sent the Lollipop Skirt link by a friend. Rebekah took one look and pronounced it her "Sunday School Skirt". So I had to get the yarn and start up. This is a rather easy knit...all stockinette in the round...gets sort of monotonous...but it makes for really easy knitting when I don't want to pay attention to my knitting.

And I just got the yarn for another test knit!! Lots of knitting to be done!! But must attack Mount "Washmore" first!!