Friday, March 28, 2008

Savannah Completed

I was able to finish my SOTS2 stole, Savannah, on Saturday March 22. but I didn't get it washed and blocked until yesterday. I tried to get it done by the deadline but couldn't. I tried blocking it several times but had to wait until Rebekah was asleep to get it done, she kept pulling out the wires!! Such fun... Anyhow, here it is completed. I wanted to put it outside on the bushes like others have done for the SOTS2 group, but wouldn't you know...One of those freak Michigan winter days happened and it snowed pretty hard yesterday. I thought it would still look nice from the tree anyway. It measures 65 inches by 24 inches at the widest parts. I love it but have realized I have another problem now. I don't have an outfit worthy of wearing under my beautiful stole! I will have to go shopping at Macy's (Awww Shucks!) Kristine, are you available???
On the next front, I started both Secret of Bad Nauheim and Mystic Light. They are both looking gorgeous and I hope to have the first clues of both finished and posted soon. This is such fun!! I also picked up a special project at a LYS that I visited (Knitter's Kove in Commerce Michigan) that I intend to knit up for Kristine's birthday. We'll see. I have a few months so I think I can do it!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

He Is Risen

We celebrated Easter at church this Sunday and I was grateful to have Chris with us for the weekend. We were even able to snap a quick family picture on Sunday morning.

Rebekah enjoyed dancing around church in her new dress. Julie and Jessica joined us later for some Easter baskets and Rebekah laid down to color.

Remembering Grandma Linn

Friday morning at 2:15 AM, my Grandmother passed away. I was able to spend time with her before she passed and I thank God that he allowed me to be able to be there. I remember my Grandma as a very funny lady. She had a very dry wit and was always cracking jokes. The day I first introduced Jim to her, she pulled out a pad and paper and had "several important questions" for him. At our wedding, she told the photographer that it was his job to make her look younger! She was a wonderful lady. I miss her very much.
She has 5 children, Roger, Rhona, Ronald, Donna, and Caroline. My Mom is Donna. These pictures were of 4 generations of Mothers and Daughters. I was so happy that Grandma was able to see Rebekah. Grandma lived to be 90. She saw and lived through much in her life and I will remember her in love. I love you Grandma!

My Favorite Step son!

A couple of weeks ago, Chris visited us and when we took him home, we were all treated to seeing new kittens. Chris' cat had a litter of new kittens and we took a peek.

Last Thursday, we drove up to Chris' school to watch him play basketball against the teachers. He played really well and Jim and I are both very proud of him!
Thursday was also the first day of spring and time for our first trip to Sundae's for ice cream! Rebekah had a ball!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Happy Anniversary Mom and Royce!! 25 years

Today was a busy day with no time for knitting. Jim and Chris got their hair cut while Rebekah and I went to Kohls for a little shopping. We all went to the grocery store then stopped at Mc D's for lunch. Rebekah enjoyed hers! Then it was time for Mommy and Rebekah to get haircuts too. After a little nap, we all headed across town to meet up with the Davis/Catanzaro/Weeks/Phabian/Bohanon clan to celebrate Mom and Royce's 25th Anniversary. They are really wonderful In-Laws and we really love them. Rebekah had a great time with Grandpa Royce! For the first time, she really tried to color at the restraunt instead of eating the crayons. She's getting so big!

We celebrated their anniversary at Don Pablo's and Mom got to wear THE HAT! Go Mom!! Rebekah tried a little of everything including the White Chicken Chili! She eats anything...but tonight, she found out about ketchup...

All in all, it was a very special get together with everyone for Mom and Royce's anniversary. Happy 25th Anniversary, May you be blessed with many more years!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A little Tinking, Lurping, Swatching, and Rebekah

I decided to swatch for Mystic Light yesterday and ended up doing 3. I like the way it feels and looks on 4.5 needles (left hand swatch) but it is way to small even stretched to block (7cm x 10cm) so I was afraid that my shawl would end up too small. Then I swatched on 5 needles (Center). It works to 9 x 11. So to be fair I also swatched on 5.5 needles (right) too big. I put up a close up of the middle one on 5 needles so I can decide. I think this is how I will need to knit this in order to be close to the right size for my shawl.

Today, I decided to do a little work on my SOTS2 clue 8. I was going along just fine until I made a couple of errors and had to find them. I had done the wrong row of the pattern of the middle motif 2 rows before that so I ended up tinking and lurping back to the right spot to fix it. I really have learned a lot from this KAL and others because I can "read" my knitting now and find an error. It was a pretty exciting revelation to me! Anyhow, as I was moaning and groaning about my mistake, Rebekah felt the need to comfort Mommy and climbed up beside me and kept patting my leg and giving me kisses. So I asked Jim to take a picture of Mommy's Little Comfort. She is such a blessing! Even if she does go for the cookies....

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Happy Daylight Saving Time Day

After a busy week, I was able to finish clue 7 of SotS2 in just enough time to post for the completion prize. Maybe I'll win something this week...Who knows. The stole is turning out really lovely. You wouldn't be able to tell from the way I threw it onto the living room floor and pulled it out and snapped a quick picture, posted it and then went to bed before going to work last night.

I also got my swatch done for Bad Nauheim. I really like the yarn but think that I might use a bigger needle. I swatched with 3.5 needles but I think I will try another swatch with larger needles and see if I like it.

I have to get my yarn ready for Mystic Light now. So many projects....So little time!

Well, must get cracking!! Happy Daylight Savings Time Day!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Yarn search success

I went back to Heritage today and found some yarn for the Mystic Light and also for the Secret of Bad Nauheim KALs that will be starting soon. I love their handpainted yarns! The Red and Purple yarn is called "Bloomfield". It's a 50/50 silk/merino yarn that is colored "Grand Traverse". It compliments my wardrobe and my skin tones and interprets Light as a Red Dawn in the Morning, or a Red Sunset at night ( I guess it depends on the weather). Anyhow, it will be lovely! I'm excited...

The other yarn I got today is for the Bad Nauheim KAL. It's called "Touch Pure Merino" and is 900 M/100G. It's Turquoise and a lovely color with subtle shadings. The camera doesn't pick up the shadings very well. I have to find my ball winder so that I can get these yarns wound and start swatching.

Rebekah fell asleep in the car and Daddy took a nap with her while I was in the LYS. I wish I'd had my camera. They were sort of facing each other while napping in the back seat and front seat tilted back. It was really cute. Rebekah has also been trying to put shoes on lately. She loves wearing shoes. We had some toys given to us by a really good friend and her daughter, Ari. I got those out and Rebekah was in hog heaven trying to walk in her heels!

Well, Time for some sleep! happy knitting all....
Joy Linn
A Joyful Heart is Good Medicine

Saturday, March 1, 2008

A new adventure

I decided that it was time to try blogging. An interesting way to communicate with family and friends. I'm a little nervous about what to write about. Right now life revolves around Rebekah Grace ( my 17 month old daughter), who is at the moment dancing to a commercial theme song. She's the best blessing of my life next to my husband, Jim.

I am loving being Mommy to this little one, you can see why. We have our hands full with her. Fortunately, Jim is now a stay at home Dad for a bit so we are able to raise her now. She's a bundle of energy we sometimes call "Hurricane Rebekah".

I am involved in 2 current KALs (Knit-a-long). One is Secret of the Stole II and I am finished through clue 6 and getting ready to work on clue 7. I have really learned a lot from this KAL and the yahoo discussion group. It has been a great way to pick up knitting tips. I absolutely love it and recommend joining a KAL to any knitter. I'm using Fino Alpaca with a Twist in the color Ruby Slippers. It's so lovely.

The other KAL I'm in is the Spring Shawl Surprice. This one is more of a challenge and I haven't gotten as far as I'd like. I can't knit on it while watching Rebekah because she demands so much attention. I've finished Clue 2 but lost the pictures. So I'm posting the only picture I have so you can get an idea. I'm using Jagger Spun Maine Line 2/8 in the color Iris. It's turning out really nice.

I registered for 2 others. I had so much fun that I had to keep at it! I'm currently choosing yarn for Secret of Bad Nauheim and Mystic Light. I ordered some Fleece Artist yarn today and will see when it gets here which I will use. I found some really yummy yarn at my LYS (Heritage Spinning and Weaving in Orion, MI), but it's too thick for Mystic. I will have to keep it for another project now. It's some of their own handpainted yarn so I may go back and check it out and see if they have more in the right weight. I really like their handpaints! Joan has some beautiful colors and wonderful selection of yarns.
Well, it's time for knitting now that Rebekah's gone to bed.
Happy Knitting Everyone!