Friday, March 28, 2008

Savannah Completed

I was able to finish my SOTS2 stole, Savannah, on Saturday March 22. but I didn't get it washed and blocked until yesterday. I tried to get it done by the deadline but couldn't. I tried blocking it several times but had to wait until Rebekah was asleep to get it done, she kept pulling out the wires!! Such fun... Anyhow, here it is completed. I wanted to put it outside on the bushes like others have done for the SOTS2 group, but wouldn't you know...One of those freak Michigan winter days happened and it snowed pretty hard yesterday. I thought it would still look nice from the tree anyway. It measures 65 inches by 24 inches at the widest parts. I love it but have realized I have another problem now. I don't have an outfit worthy of wearing under my beautiful stole! I will have to go shopping at Macy's (Awww Shucks!) Kristine, are you available???
On the next front, I started both Secret of Bad Nauheim and Mystic Light. They are both looking gorgeous and I hope to have the first clues of both finished and posted soon. This is such fun!! I also picked up a special project at a LYS that I visited (Knitter's Kove in Commerce Michigan) that I intend to knit up for Kristine's birthday. We'll see. I have a few months so I think I can do it!


SYLVIE said...

Your stole is SO pretty! what a lovely color.

Carol said...

Your stole turned out gorgeous. It's definitely worthy of a new outfit. I love that color, too.