Saturday, March 15, 2008

Happy Anniversary Mom and Royce!! 25 years

Today was a busy day with no time for knitting. Jim and Chris got their hair cut while Rebekah and I went to Kohls for a little shopping. We all went to the grocery store then stopped at Mc D's for lunch. Rebekah enjoyed hers! Then it was time for Mommy and Rebekah to get haircuts too. After a little nap, we all headed across town to meet up with the Davis/Catanzaro/Weeks/Phabian/Bohanon clan to celebrate Mom and Royce's 25th Anniversary. They are really wonderful In-Laws and we really love them. Rebekah had a great time with Grandpa Royce! For the first time, she really tried to color at the restraunt instead of eating the crayons. She's getting so big!

We celebrated their anniversary at Don Pablo's and Mom got to wear THE HAT! Go Mom!! Rebekah tried a little of everything including the White Chicken Chili! She eats anything...but tonight, she found out about ketchup...

All in all, it was a very special get together with everyone for Mom and Royce's anniversary. Happy 25th Anniversary, May you be blessed with many more years!

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