Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Remembering Grandma Linn

Friday morning at 2:15 AM, my Grandmother passed away. I was able to spend time with her before she passed and I thank God that he allowed me to be able to be there. I remember my Grandma as a very funny lady. She had a very dry wit and was always cracking jokes. The day I first introduced Jim to her, she pulled out a pad and paper and had "several important questions" for him. At our wedding, she told the photographer that it was his job to make her look younger! She was a wonderful lady. I miss her very much.
She has 5 children, Roger, Rhona, Ronald, Donna, and Caroline. My Mom is Donna. These pictures were of 4 generations of Mothers and Daughters. I was so happy that Grandma was able to see Rebekah. Grandma lived to be 90. She saw and lived through much in her life and I will remember her in love. I love you Grandma!

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