Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Getting Ready for the Second Half...

We have been experiencing more drama in our lives since my last post.  Jim had a total hip replacement in April.  He is rehabing well but told me the other day that he is ready to be done with rehab.  it seems that he has been in the rehab mode all year!  Rebekah joined in his early rehab too... She's turned into a real monkey over the past month.  We've been able to enjoy summer like weather already in's unbelievable how warm it has been  still in May.  We are having 88 degree days!  So we do a lot of playing outside in the early morning or in the late afternoon...I am developing a tan already!

So...this year has been a year of testing and trials so far...I realize that testing is designed to conform me to the image of Christ but I have to ask how much testing we can bear in one year?  That is why I am declaring the month of June to be the new year!  Jim is finally feeling better and he is back to school again after being laid up for the first half of 2010...and best of all...He is passing Algebra and Accounting with flying colors!!  Rebekah is growing like a weed and developing an attitude of a princess...if we are not constantly careful she would run our home if she is allowed.  Very hard headed child of mine...but a delight too!  Here she is modeling Sweetheart Lovey.  This is a great pattern that I test knit for DeDe and Rebekah loves to wear it.

I have been working on Jennifer's socks that I promised for Christmas.  I was sidetracked by Jim's hospitalization in January and then lost the pattern and then decided that I really didn't like the first pattern I was using so I switched to Yarnissima's Sottopassagio.

I have also developed a new obsession...I found out that I am usually wide awake when the designer/dyer Claudia updates her Wollmeise website.  This makes it possible to obtain some elusive Wollmeise yarn.  This stuff is so hard to obtain that there is actually an entire board on Ravelry dedicated to giving tips on how to order this yarn.  I  managed to obtain 2 skeins from a fellow raveler and I can see why people are obsessed!!  It is really saturated with color.  I haven't knit with it yet...Need to finish Jennifer's socks first.  Then I'd like to make up Sottopassagio socks out of the wonderful yarn that DeDe sent me for my birthday.

Oh and I turned 45 in May...It sort of passed without a lot of fanfare.  Mom and dad watched Rebekah for us while Jim and I went to dinner and a movie.  We enjoyed Iron Man 2 and the time being a couple. But I deny being that fact, when the census worker came to our home (because I had lost our mail in copy of the census) and asked how old we were on April initial answer was 43.  I seem to be in denial!!  Obviously I can't be that old being the Mom of a 3 year old!!

So that's about all for the catch up...I have been knitting, farming (on facebook), playing, praying, working, taking care of Jim and Rebekah, reading...Oh yeah I have been reading...mot as much as I'd like to but I have been....I finished listening to Flatland on Craftlit...this is my favorite podcast!  If you enjoy listening to books you;ll love this my opinion that is.  I don't always agree with everything but I love Heather's Commentary about the books we are listening to.  She puts a lot of hard work into researching the literature and giving us free Literature enhancement in a podcast.  I feel so much smarter after listening.  I think that Heather is an amazing literature professor and wish she had been around my college when I was taking English!!I'm not into math, but I found Flatland interesting!  And right now we are enjoying Jane Austin's Persuasion.  It's one of my favorite Austin books...Next up is Twain's Connecticut Yankee in King Aurther's Court.  So join us if you have never listened...give it a try!

Well that's all for now!  Have a wonderful day and Happy Knitting!!