Monday, January 25, 2010

And it only took 4 and a half Years!!

Well, I have just finished Jim's wedding present. I bound off my Reversibly Cabled Afghan about 20 minutes ago. The ends of the yarn are not tied in...but Jim is using it and he loves it. He was discharged on Friday from the hospital so I didn't meet my goal of finishing it before he came home...but I am glad to finally have it off the needles. It is incredibly warm almost hot. This is Aran weight yarn to begin with and the afghan is reversible so it is knit almost double and very heavy. It's gorgeous if I do say so...and you can't find the mistake I made in counting rows. When I first began this afghan...I had a deep set aversion to charts and wouldn't use them to save my self...I have learned to use charts since because of all the lace knitting i have done in the mean time...and looking at the charts for this was so much easier to follow this month. I'm sure if I'd figured out charts before...I would have been done before the wedding!

On the other note...We are praising God that He has seen fit to allow Jim to come home. He is adjusting to home life again. He lost close to 30 pounds while he was in the hospital...most of it muscle, I can see the lack of muscle in his arms and legs. He is really weak but was able to navigate the stairs yesterday so that he could sleep in bed. He's already been seen by the VNA of Michigan and is supposed to have home Physical therapy and Speech Therapy. He is gaining strength every day but still has a long road ahead. He has to learn how to deal with anxiety and stress in more appropriate ways and he knows that. She we are both praying for God's leading to the best ways for Jim to manage his own stress. He came out of this whole ordeal a diabetic as dealing with dietary changes has been challenging for him. He has an appetite and taste buds for the first time in years and is wanting to take advantage. Beside that, he isn't smoking and wants to snack all the time. These are just matters that we are turning over to God in prayer.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Playing the waiting game...

Well so far this year it seems like Rebekah and I have been playing a waiting game...waiting for Jim's slow recovery. As of right now, Jim is finally off the ventilator and the trach was removed today and he is being transferred from the ICU as I am writing this! God is Good and His Mercy endures to the heavens! We are so grateful for the prayers that have been prayed on our behalf! It seems like so long ago that I took him to the ER, it's actually been 3 weeks today...and now it seems that things are really going fast towards his homecoming! We are hoping that he'll be able to come home, but realistic that if the doctors feel he needs inpatient rehab somewhere that's what we will do. Patience is a very difficult thing to learn.

While Jim has been in the hospital, Rebekah has spent every day with very generous people from our church. It is going to be wonderful to let her go see Daddy tomorrow! In the mean time, Rebekah and I have been really enjoying our Mommy/Daughter time together each evening. She has turned into a Tinkerbell fanatic...on top of Disney Princess obsession that I bet every little girl has! I must say that I can't wait for Jim to get home so that he can have his share of Tinkerbell watching. 4 times a day to watch the same movie starts to get monotonous...good thing for iPods and Audiobooks! We have learned to play some games and I get all of the smiles right now! I'm not sure how I'm going to feel going back to sharing my daughter's attention when Jim does come home!

Toward my 2010 goals...I lost 4 pounds this week..only 21 more to lose! I also completed 1 skein of yarn towards the completion of Jim's Wedding Present Afghan...It's Lily Chin's Reversibly Cabled Afghan. It's only taken over 4 years to finish and I'm feeling in the home stretch now. When I began 2010 and challenged myself to finish this...I had 4 skeins of Woolpak 10 plus half of the one I was currently knitting with. As of tonight's blog post...I have the half I am knitting with plus 1 more. So consider that this is so huge it is not a take-a-long project, therefore I only work on this one while I'm home and watching TV after Rebekah falls asleep...before I fall asleep myself. I have found myself knitting in my sleep so to say. Or should that really be sleeping while I knit???

I also turned the heel and am half finished with Jim's prayer socks..the pattern is Kristi Schueler's Gentleman's socks so that is another step towards my 2010 goals.

I am working on memorizing Psalm 138 and have been able to memorize the first verse so far. I cheated for the first 2 weeks of January and refreshed my memory with Philippians 4:6-7. Scripture and God and Knitting and Friends have been what has gotten us through this trial so far. I intend that these things are what will get us through the rest of 2010 as well!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Some days are better than Others

I've been making some progress on goals that I have challenged myself to this year 2010...I weighed myself on Sunday...and I will officially tell you that I weigh 200 pounds plus some! I wrote it down in the calendar that I am keeping track of everything in. I have also managed to blog once a week's only 2 weeks.but it's coming along. I am working my way through a very long audiobook and even though I've been listening to it everyday and everytime I visit Jim...I still have 17 CD's of the book to finish. I started working on Jim's socks...prayer socks now, and I have only 2 balls left to be finished with Jim's Wedding Afghan. Somehow I find myself with less time now than before!

I have managed to re-memorize scripture. Philippians 4:6-7 Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. THis is an old favorite and perhaps for the first full week of could consider it as cheating, but it is so appropriate for what our family has been going through to memorize this verse...hiding God's word in my heart...It gives me something to think on during the difficult times when fears and doubts arise and I want to rail against God. I remember the verses I have learned now and as a child and they comfort me. i honestly do not know how people could make it through difficult times in their lives without the Lord.

So as the title indicates, Jim had a pretty rough day on Sunday but Monday was great! He was confused and restless all day on Sunday and wanted to go home. On Monday, he was calmer and off the ventilator. Praise be to God!! It's been a very rough Roller coaster ride this past week with the decisions that needed to be made for Jim's care in the hospital and for taking care of Rebekah. It is really hard to leave your daughter with someone else for the night while you go to work. But my church family has been awesome!! And Rebekah is having a grand adventure in all of this. I think she likes going to "Old McDonalds" every day and the dollar store! The sad thing is that Jim is missing out on a lot of firsts for her.

We had a wonderful snowfall over the past 2 days...I didn't teach her this, but she immediately flipped on her back and started making snow angels...must have been something she picked up from TV. We had so much fun outdoors...then Becka asked if the snow would still be here for Daddy to play in. So incredibly hard to answer that one! Like I said...some days, or even moments, are better than others!

We experienced a dreadful financial setback today as well...totally unexpected and immediately, my mind went back to that verse! It is very hard to leave those burdens in God's hands...but I have too much other stuff to deal with and need God's help to deal with everything He is putting on my plate right now. God had to know in advance what a shock it was going to be to me today, so He provided a care package from a dear friend I have yet to meet in person but is most dear to me. God prepared for her to send the package and mail it so that it would arrive on the very day I needed it most. If that isn't God...I'll eat the box it came in!! Rebekah and I had such fun going through our care package from DeDe today. Isn't it lovely! Rebekah wants me to knit her some more socks today!

look at all the fun things I got today! And I have it from good authority that the books is a great read...another to add to my list. Will start reading this one tonight!! thank you so much DeDe for being a vessel that God used to help me today!

So I have a choice now...i can choose to give in to the melencholy that accompanies the facts that my husband is still in hospital with a tracheostomy and I have to leave my daughter with other people while I go to work and I now have no padding financially to fall back on...or I can Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication WITH THANKSGIVING let my requests be made known unto God, and His peace which passes all understanding will guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Pilgrims' Progress

2010 has begun pretty rough for our family. I took Jim to the Hospital on Dec 28 and he is still ICU....and on a ventilator to breath...from Pneumonia. I have rediscovered the comfort that comes from resting in God's arms. the only place I find peace and comfort is under His control. This is one of my goals and I'm relying on God so much right now as it should be...This has been my constant companion (next to my cell phone!)

I also set a goal to finish Jim's Wedding Afghan that I started knitting over 4 years ago before we were has been relegated to this bag despite having only 4 balls of yarn left to knit in order to complete the afghan. I got it out on Sunday night and am going to finish this thing before Jim comes home. I realize just how much I love my husband and how much I miss his voice. This is a very hard day for me as I had to make the decision whether to allow the doctor to trach Jim. It's an easy decision to think about as a nurse...VERY hard to decide as a wife. I hope that this decision will make it easier and quicker for Jim to be at home.

I also decided that Jim needs socks...prayer socks in particular...I will be working on these as well..started one pair this afternoon...I finished another pair of mini monkeys for Rebekah and she loves them! Just have to get a picture of them when my model is awake...

So this is the story of my progress so far...Oh and my wonderful brother cam over to watch Rebekah on Sunday so that I could go to the hospital...and he vacuumed the living room even under the couch (GROSS) and put the bikes up for me...and didn't remind me what C.H.A.O.S. my home has become...He's a terrific brother.

My church family never ceases to amaze me in loving and giving. When pastor told them I needed help to watch Rebekah, sometimes over night...there was an outpouring of people willing to help me out. I am so grateful and God is again showing me His care and comfort that only he can provide!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 in Review, Bring on 2010!!

All 2009 is behind us and it has been a very busy year. Seems like yesterday I was trying to figure out when Easter was for 2009 and here it is 2010 and I'm still trying to figure out when Easter will fall...

We had a great year. Jim has been working hard at Oakland Community College and has studied hard to get through. This last semester was the hardest, but he pulled it out with an A, two B's and two C's. I'm so proud of him.

This year saw Rebekah turn 3. She's been growing quickly and polishing her quick wit. She's learned to dance and wants to be a ballerina right now. She has even learned to do an Irish dance like they do on the Wiggles. She's learned to tell knock-knock jokes too! She started Cubbies this year too, and has been memorizing scripture. She's learning to draw, she's perfected counting and counts least to 10 that is! She's a big help to mommy as well as a fashionista!! Just try to tell her that dresses are for Sunday School!!

God has been working in many areas of my life and I am trusting Him that He knows what He is doing. I just have to be patient and obedient and those are the hardest things for me to do. But because He is patient, He is continuing to work in my life despite me!

God allowed me to make a new friend online this past year. I had the opportunity to do some test knitting for her (you can check my Ravelry page to see Concerto and Symphony). She has helped me in so many ways and for that I am grateful ( you know who you are!!) She encouraged me to set some Challenging goals for 2010 and so I am going to list those make it all legal and all...I am still working to develop Professional goals. Those are hardest to come up with because I really cannot see myself going back to school at ager 45 with a 3 YO daughter!!'s my goals for 2010!!
1. To read something from God's Word every day of this year.
2. To keep a prayer journal and update weekly, pray without ceasing.
3. To memorize 52 different verses or passages.

1. To lose 25 pounds this year.
2. To organize housecleaning and gain control of C.H.A.O.S.
3. To go through clothing and make donations to Salvation Army.

1. To knit a pair of Cat Bordhi socks from New Pathways book.
2. To design my own sock pattern for a toddler. (This is an encouragement from the friend who challenged me to do this!)
3. To learn to spin with my drop spindle (Christmas 2008 gift from Jim!!)
4. To finish at least 3 UFO's.
5. to read/listen to 50 books/audio books
6. To knit 3 different things from stash yarn only.
7. To organize fiber/accessories/needles into 1 room.
8. To blog weekly.
9. To finish Jim's Afghan that I started as a Wedding present in 2005.
10. To knit at least 2 pair of socks for Jim this year.

This is just the begining of the year and I am like anyone else starting out with New Year's reolutions...I'm excited. But I tried to make these realistic goals that I really want to accomplish and I'm going to trust God to help me to attain these goals for 2010!!