Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Pilgrims' Progress

2010 has begun pretty rough for our family. I took Jim to the Hospital on Dec 28 and he is still there...in ICU....and on a ventilator to breath...from Pneumonia. I have rediscovered the comfort that comes from resting in God's arms. the only place I find peace and comfort is under His control. This is one of my goals and I'm relying on God so much right now as it should be...This has been my constant companion (next to my cell phone!)

I also set a goal to finish Jim's Wedding Afghan that I started knitting over 4 years ago before we were married...it has been relegated to this bag despite having only 4 balls of yarn left to knit in order to complete the afghan. I got it out on Sunday night and am going to finish this thing before Jim comes home. I realize just how much I love my husband and how much I miss his voice. This is a very hard day for me as I had to make the decision whether to allow the doctor to trach Jim. It's an easy decision to think about as a nurse...VERY hard to decide as a wife. I hope that this decision will make it easier and quicker for Jim to be at home.

I also decided that Jim needs socks...prayer socks in particular...I will be working on these as well..started one pair this afternoon...I finished another pair of mini monkeys for Rebekah and she loves them! Just have to get a picture of them when my model is awake...

So this is the story of my progress so far...Oh and my wonderful brother cam over to watch Rebekah on Sunday so that I could go to the hospital...and he vacuumed the living room even under the couch (GROSS) and put the bikes up for me...and didn't remind me what C.H.A.O.S. my home has become...He's a terrific brother.

My church family never ceases to amaze me in loving and giving. When pastor told them I needed help to watch Rebekah, sometimes over night...there was an outpouring of people willing to help me out. I am so grateful and God is again showing me His care and comfort that only he can provide!

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writerdahling said...

I'm touched by your faith and your ability to keep going. I'm from your Yarnfeathers groups, and will be following your blog and praying for Jim. Hope the trach works well and he can come home soon!