Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Playing the waiting game...

Well so far this year it seems like Rebekah and I have been playing a waiting game...waiting for Jim's slow recovery. As of right now, Jim is finally off the ventilator and the trach was removed today and he is being transferred from the ICU as I am writing this! God is Good and His Mercy endures to the heavens! We are so grateful for the prayers that have been prayed on our behalf! It seems like so long ago that I took him to the ER, it's actually been 3 weeks today...and now it seems that things are really going fast towards his homecoming! We are hoping that he'll be able to come home, but realistic that if the doctors feel he needs inpatient rehab somewhere that's what we will do. Patience is a very difficult thing to learn.

While Jim has been in the hospital, Rebekah has spent every day with very generous people from our church. It is going to be wonderful to let her go see Daddy tomorrow! In the mean time, Rebekah and I have been really enjoying our Mommy/Daughter time together each evening. She has turned into a Tinkerbell fanatic...on top of Disney Princess obsession that I bet every little girl has! I must say that I can't wait for Jim to get home so that he can have his share of Tinkerbell watching. 4 times a day to watch the same movie starts to get monotonous...good thing for iPods and Audiobooks! We have learned to play some games and I get all of the smiles right now! I'm not sure how I'm going to feel going back to sharing my daughter's attention when Jim does come home!

Toward my 2010 goals...I lost 4 pounds this week..only 21 more to lose! I also completed 1 skein of yarn towards the completion of Jim's Wedding Present Afghan...It's Lily Chin's Reversibly Cabled Afghan. It's only taken over 4 years to finish and I'm feeling in the home stretch now. When I began 2010 and challenged myself to finish this...I had 4 skeins of Woolpak 10 plus half of the one I was currently knitting with. As of tonight's blog post...I have the half I am knitting with plus 1 more. So consider that this is so huge it is not a take-a-long project, therefore I only work on this one while I'm home and watching TV after Rebekah falls asleep...before I fall asleep myself. I have found myself knitting in my sleep so to say. Or should that really be sleeping while I knit???

I also turned the heel and am half finished with Jim's prayer socks..the pattern is Kristi Schueler's Gentleman's socks so that is another step towards my 2010 goals.

I am working on memorizing Psalm 138 and have been able to memorize the first verse so far. I cheated for the first 2 weeks of January and refreshed my memory with Philippians 4:6-7. Scripture and God and Knitting and Friends have been what has gotten us through this trial so far. I intend that these things are what will get us through the rest of 2010 as well!!


writerdahling said...

I am so glad to hear about Jim getting off the ventilator and your sucesses. Thank God he is better and good luck with your goals!

De-De said...

Rejoicing with you and looking forward to the post announcing Jim's homecoming!
On a side note, you need to repair the link for the afghan. We want to see it!