Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 in Review, Bring on 2010!!

All 2009 is behind us and it has been a very busy year. Seems like yesterday I was trying to figure out when Easter was for 2009 and here it is 2010 and I'm still trying to figure out when Easter will fall...

We had a great year. Jim has been working hard at Oakland Community College and has studied hard to get through. This last semester was the hardest, but he pulled it out with an A, two B's and two C's. I'm so proud of him.

This year saw Rebekah turn 3. She's been growing quickly and polishing her quick wit. She's learned to dance and wants to be a ballerina right now. She has even learned to do an Irish dance like they do on the Wiggles. She's learned to tell knock-knock jokes too! She started Cubbies this year too, and has been memorizing scripture. She's learning to draw, she's perfected counting and counts least to 10 that is! She's a big help to mommy as well as a fashionista!! Just try to tell her that dresses are for Sunday School!!

God has been working in many areas of my life and I am trusting Him that He knows what He is doing. I just have to be patient and obedient and those are the hardest things for me to do. But because He is patient, He is continuing to work in my life despite me!

God allowed me to make a new friend online this past year. I had the opportunity to do some test knitting for her (you can check my Ravelry page to see Concerto and Symphony). She has helped me in so many ways and for that I am grateful ( you know who you are!!) She encouraged me to set some Challenging goals for 2010 and so I am going to list those make it all legal and all...I am still working to develop Professional goals. Those are hardest to come up with because I really cannot see myself going back to school at ager 45 with a 3 YO daughter!!'s my goals for 2010!!
1. To read something from God's Word every day of this year.
2. To keep a prayer journal and update weekly, pray without ceasing.
3. To memorize 52 different verses or passages.

1. To lose 25 pounds this year.
2. To organize housecleaning and gain control of C.H.A.O.S.
3. To go through clothing and make donations to Salvation Army.

1. To knit a pair of Cat Bordhi socks from New Pathways book.
2. To design my own sock pattern for a toddler. (This is an encouragement from the friend who challenged me to do this!)
3. To learn to spin with my drop spindle (Christmas 2008 gift from Jim!!)
4. To finish at least 3 UFO's.
5. to read/listen to 50 books/audio books
6. To knit 3 different things from stash yarn only.
7. To organize fiber/accessories/needles into 1 room.
8. To blog weekly.
9. To finish Jim's Afghan that I started as a Wedding present in 2005.
10. To knit at least 2 pair of socks for Jim this year.

This is just the begining of the year and I am like anyone else starting out with New Year's reolutions...I'm excited. But I tried to make these realistic goals that I really want to accomplish and I'm going to trust God to help me to attain these goals for 2010!!

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De-De said...

Great list! You can do it! I'll be in your corner all the way! :o)