Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A funny thing happened on the way to Community Service

So Sunday was a day my Stepson was scheduled to do some community service. From what I understand, there is a requirement for community service during the 4 years of High School. Being that Chris is part of the football team, his coach provides some opportunities for service. Not a bad thing at all...So Sunday was Chris' turn to work at a fall festival at a local church. We figured that we would drop him off and pick him back up in 2 hours. We had no idea!
Once Rebekah saw the horse and ponies in the back...there was no going home and coming back...we were doomed to stay. And we had a blast doing so!  Chris had his work to do and Jim and I followed Rebekah around as she played on the inflatables, rode the horse and both ponies, played on the inflatables some more, and got her face painted like a butterfly, played on more inflatables and met a little girl with whom she bonded quickly and they played on the inflatable obstacle course together. Jim and I enjoyed some great food and I caught up with one of my cousins who attends the church!  It was great family fun and all because Chris had to do community service!  Gee Thanks buddy!