Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Catching up on my Knitting

It has been a profitable kniting weekend (even if the laundry hasn't all been folded and put away). I completed Clue 8 of SOTS3. I can't believe that this stole will be finished next week!! It's been so nice to knit and is turning out beautiful. I don't have a clue as to the theme except for snow. Maybe Aspen or Colorado. We will know soon. I just want a chance to win the grandprize of that yarn from Colourmart!!

I also started the armholes on the Central Park Hoodie I'm working on. I didn't have a clue as to how to keep this going in the round but it seems to be working for me this way and I'm controlling the 3 skeins of yarn at one time so far. I like how this pattern is turning out and am planning to maybe knit it for myself without the hood, just a collar. It's also a nice easy nit and the cables make it look fancier than it really is. I use the cableing without a needle method that I learned from Grumperina's Blog.

I also started the pansy shawl from Schoolhouse press. As if I'm not already in enough KALs!! I have started and frogged a number of shawls...so it remains to be seen if I will end up finishing this one also!! I bought the yarn from Wendy of http://www.wendysmodestdress.com It is hand dyed and smells wonderful even while I am knitting with it. It is simply beautiful yarn to knit with, soft and smells scrumptious!!

Next month Wendy is hosting a Finishupitis contest on the Icelandic Shawl Yahoo group and I plan on being involved in that. I promise not to start anything else (fingers crossed) and will figure out what projects I really want to finish and which will end up in the frogged forever pond!!

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N. Maria said...

Your stole is beautiful! I am so looking forward to parading around in mine!