Monday, February 1, 2010

A Gift from the Past

We have spent a great week so far. Jim has seen a visiting nurse, physical therapist, social worker, and a new Doctor. He is gaining strength every day and for that we are grateful to God for His Blessings on our lives. We are trusting Him for even greater things. We spent the weekend together with Chris watching TV and playing games. Just a quiet weekend at home.

I also got a small gift from the past this week. Mom sent a package with a book that has helped her and she wants Jim and I to read...You Are What You Think. But along with the book was a small baggie of yarn. Mom had been doing some cleaning in their house in Florida. This is the place that Grandma T lived in before she passed away. Grandma used to manage a Stretch and Sew shop here in Michigan. I can remember going to work with her. She let me roll elastic and bag the customer's purchases. I must have been 9 or 10 and this was some of the best memories I have with Grandma. Years later Grandma worked alterations for Jacobson's Department store. Grandma was a great knitter...she was one of the ladies at the Rochester store in MI who could work alterations on St John knit dresses. I watched her steek and re-knit entire skirts...and at the Florida shop, she was the only one ding those dresses. I was proud of my Grandma! So when Grandma passed away, I was able to rescue her sewing machine (the one that I learned how to sew on...A Bernina) and her knitting stuff. Apparently I didn't get everything because Mom found this bag of pink yarn which I am sure came from one of those St John alterations. It is fingering weight yarn and I have 88 ounces of it. It's a really pretty pink. I burn tested it and although I can't tell if it is cotton or wool...I know it is not acrylic. Rebekah took one look at this little treasure and exclaimed "My new socks!"

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