Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Catching Up...It's September already!!!

It's a busy time for us at the Catanzaro house but some of us still have time to play and reflect on nature and all that God has created. Rebekah has found books!! I am reading to her now from a children's bible story book for her naps and before bedtime. She loves reading now. I like this picture. It sort of speaks for itself. Rebekah is such a good child. We are so glad that God has given us this precious one to take care of and raise while we are on this earth.

September is always a busy month for everyone, especially those who have children going back to school. My Stepson, Chris, started a new school in CrosLex, but Rebekah doesn't start school for a few years. However, I find myself as busy as anyone with kids in school! I Completed Clue 5 of SOTS this week. It was so nice and only took 2 evenings of knitting. (However, my evening goes from 10PM to 2AM because of the night shift work) I sat up alone and watched all 6 hours of Pride and Prejudice. It flowed so easily. I finished on Sunday night and because I knew that I would be finished early, I had gone to Heritage (http://www.heritagespinningandweaving.com/) to pick out yarn for the Central Park Hoodie that I decided to do for Julie (my Stepdaughter) for Christmas. I picked up some lovely yarn in green, actually, it's Ivy. It's Shepherd's Wool from Stonehenge Fiber Mill. It's wonderfully soft and is knitting up beautifully! I think that Julie will be happy with it. I also picked up 2 of these Fiberspheres. They are wonderful for yarn that is wound from hanks when you are using them, as the ball gets smaller and more messy to manage...it's all kept neat inside the ball!! I love it!

I also started practicing with Attitude of the Heart (our worship team at church) on Mondays and Resounding Praise (our bell choir) on Thursdays. It's a busy time!! But I love being part of these groups.

In the meantime, I have been working on my second set of Baudelaire socks (these are for me). Jim is going to school, and Rebekah is being herself. She is learning so much and her vocabulary is growing on a daily basis. She surprises me with words. She is also learning to knit. I have no doubt that she will be knitting soon!!


bluealto said...

Oh my goodness.
I'm so jealous.

Not only would I LOVE to be part of the bell chorus, your daughter is learning to knit! *g*

My 16 month old might be too young still, but he's going to have needles thrust in his hands as soon as he learns the difference between "His" and "Mommy's." Lol.

By the way, I'm stalking your journal because I saw you in the SOTSiii group. I never actually started SOTSiii because of bad timing, and then bailed on MS4 that I signed up for thinking since the start time was easier for me to handle. Wrong again. I've just bailed on that one too with only half a clue done. How on EARTH do you find time to concentrate on your knitting?!?!

Jeanne said...

Oh my goodness! I used to be in the bell choir at my church when I was younger. I just loved it!

Beautiful SotS3!

--Jeanne from the SotS3 group :)