Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Gearing Up for Secret of the Stole III

I finally had time to swatch!! I have been watching in lace envy as others swatched and posted getting ready for SOTS3. I've been waiting for this one since DK finished up the last one (Savannah). I ordered some lace yarn from an Etsy Independent Dyer Beyond Basic Knits. I Love this yarn. I originally ordered it in purple Ice Queen which is gorgeous, but I decided to order some more yarn from BBK and I ended up getting the pink from them. I also ended up getting 2 skeins of Superwash sock yarn from them--Black Cherry Soda and Frost Bitten--They are gorgeous! When they sent my order, I got a coupon for 5$ toward my next order. Great Seller!! The colors are gorgeous. What do you think??

I plan to use the Black Cherry soda to knit a pair of Monkey Socks during the olympics. That will be my Ravelypics contribution.

I am still working on Casablanca although it has been slow. I have been assigned to CCU and ICU at work but ended up in the ER even night because of their low staff levels. Working the in ER leaves no time for knitting. It's been really slow knitting! But I will get there. I really like this stole and am looking forward to completing it.

The picture is crappy, I didn't put it on blocking wires and pin it out. But you get the idea and the story being told in this clue 4. I think that's what really impresses me about this KAL, the story in the knitting.


Cary at Serenity Farms said...

Oh how beautiful!!! And I love the yarns you got for socks...I think it would be dangerous to go check out her site! LOL!

I swatched for SOTS3 also and am planning to knit along. Depends on where I am at with Casablanca ;)

Happy Knitting! Cary at Serenity Farms

Nautical Knitter said...

The Casablanca is beautiful and your yarn choices for SOTS III fantastic as well! Welcome aboard...7 days and counting...