Tuesday, August 19, 2008

SOTS3 starting off much better than its predecessor

When I determined to knit lace last winter, I signed up for SOTS2 and spent 3 weeks on the first clue then 2 more weeks trying to catch up. I was never able to finish the clues on time until the very end. I blamed it on being on vacation, I blamed it on Rebekah, I blamed it on being in the car while knitting...everything except the fact that I was learning how to read at the time. Since then, I have done a few other KALs and learned how to read charts and most of all, my lace fabric. I learned how to identify when I made a mistake before I had to frog or tink. Actually, when I started this shawl, I was amazed that I only had to tink about 20-30 stitches a couple of times to correct a mistake. I didn't have the numerous mistakes I encountered the first time. I was excited!

I already love this stole and I don't even know what it looks like! I just know that the first clue took only 3 days to knit instead of 3 weeks!! I finished it tonight and took a couple of pictures. They aren't that great because I'm at work and the lights are fluorescent and the background is a rough towel, but at least it's done!! Now I need to finish my Baudelaire sock so I can get it done by Friday morning to qualify for the Ravelympics WIPSwrestling.

Speaking of Olympics, is anyone else a little mystified over some of the judging inconsistencies that have been going on? Chinese girls who fall and still medal over others who do not. Ties that go in favor of China. Chinese girls whose birth certificates say they are 12 but whose passports say they are 16...all smells a little fishy to me! Anyway...Michael Phelps is AMERICAN and goes to University of MICHIGAN!! Can't make his medals Chinese any way you cut it.

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Nautical Knitter said...

Hint #1 looks fantastic!!!! I am so happy to read about your growing skill as a lace knitter!