Friday, August 15, 2008

Knitting Baudelaires in style!!

Tuesday night I had a WONDERFUL opportunity! My Dad won a raffle for the Pepsi Party Suite Tuesday night at the Tigers Baseball game. I have never seen the suites and it was awesome!! Jim wasn't well so he stayed home with the kids while I watched the Tiger game and knit socks in true luxury that I probably will never experience again. I finished one sock and started on the second sock while watching the game and eating! We had a spread to begin with Chips, veggies and dip, hotdogs, sausage, and chicken. During the second inning, we were treated to Pizza. During the 7th inning, we were given desert. Plus, the fridge was always full of Pepsi products to drink. This suite was right up from the first base line. It was a great view and wonderful time. There were 12 of us all there to watch the game, plus a TV inside the suite that we were able to watch Michael Phelps swim to another gold medal. On top of this all, the seets were padded and comfortable to knit in! It was such a treat. I will be spoiled now and always remember this. We are supposed to go to a game tonight. I know I will be comparing the nose bleed seats to the suite life! The guy in the picture is my brother...the DOCTOR. He's married though. This is Brian and Jennifer and Lyle (friend of my Mom and Dad), perusing the chips and veggies.

We had a great view of the game as well. I can't get over how much we enjoyed that game!! Even if they did lose.

Today, I tried to get my little helper to hold up the finished sock so that I could take a good picture of it. She was having none of that! She had better things to do with her time!

She learned this little trick from her brother!

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