Sunday, March 7, 2010

Unexpected Guests

Today was a day that we were supposed to be in church...And shame on me...I overslept again and we ended up not going. I miss not being in church and am not happy with myself for being even a little lazy. No excuse...

Anyway...Jim and I decided it was time to finish cleaning around the house today I started cleaning up the kitchen. This week has been a rough week for both Jim and I. Tuesday, I came down with a horrible case of Noro virus and as a result, I was sent home from working in the ER 20 minutes unto my shift on Tuesday. (I was overheard in the bathroom...embarrasing) I managed to make it home before anything else happened...and am I glad they sent me home when they did...I'd have been mortified enough to quit my good job if anything else had happened at work!

So this was our first unexpected guest of the kept me down for 3 days...poor Jim had to watch Rebekah and listen to me moan...I was sick enough that I didn't even pick up knitting needles for Tuesday or Wednesday! Thursday I began to feel human again and decided that I just might live...Jim sits up all of a sudden and says, "I need a bucket" I barely had time to get one from the kitchen! Fortunately, his Second Unexpected Guest of the week only stayed around for 24 hours!

back to today...

I was cleaning up the kitchen which had largely gone untouched for the week...and heard the dog barking and all of a sudden Jim is crying for me to get the door (in my sleepshirt and loungepants no less...) because he'd fallen and couldn't get up...and lo and behold...our Third Unexpected Guests were at the door. These we were very happy to see...we haven't gotten together with Jim's Mom and Step Dad since Christmas...before Jim was hospitalized. It was so nice to spend the afternoon with them. Bekah had a blast dancing for Grandma and Grandpa and showing off her toys and especially spending some time coloring with grandma. She absolutly loved the day!! And we are very glad our Unexpected Guests decided to come for a visit!

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FugueStateKnits said...

Wouldn't you know it - a knitter gets the Noro Virus! I'm so sorry you and your husband were sick and hope you're both doing well. Your little daughter is precious:)
Thanks for sharing your life with the rest of us:)
Joan a/k/a FSK