Sunday, March 14, 2010

Is There a Medal for Last Place??

I am still trying to work on my knitting project that I was supposed to complete during the Olympics!  Can you believe it....I only have a couple more rows and the bind off to finish.  But between work, and work relates inservices of 4 hours, and ACLS recertification class, and working with no breaks, and being sick for 3 days with 2 days of recovery, and taking care of Jim for 2 days while he was sick, and then trying to clean house, and Spring Weather arriving early....Well I am still working on this project.  It's gorgeous so as soon as it's off the needles I'll be posting about it.  But I do think I now qualify for entering it into the Paralympics (since they are after the Olympics)...

I decided to take this evening now that my husband and daughter are asleep, and finish this project.  to that end...I broke out my ALL TIME FAVORITE Movie!!  Pride and Prejudice. 
This is not the newest version out...Simply the BEST version ever produced...and now it's in Blue still my heart!! Colin Firth in all his glory as Mr Darcy.  Oh it's Eye Candy to behold!!! As a fabric lover (Knitting, sewing, and wearing...) I love the Blue ray edition!  You can see the lace of the colors and shawls the ladies wear, you can see the weave of the jackets the men wear, you can see the tiny prints on the dresses that I bet you NEVER knew were there until you see it in Blue ray....So I am having my own little marathon of knitting and watching my favorite show in hopes that I finish my project in enough time to qualify for at least last place!!!

I did manage to finish reading a book last week...actual reading, not listening to an audiobook....Duty and Desire, by Pamela Aiden.  It's the second book in the Fitzwilliam Darcy Triolgy that she has written.  I highly recommend these 3 books if you are a Jane Austin Fan as I am...And if you are, you will also want to be listening to the Craft Lit podcast currently we are being treated to Jane Austen's Persuasion.  Very good!!!  And Heather Ordover is very interesting to listen to!

Well that's enough for now...wish I had a finished picture to show you...but I will have to finish it to show you!!!  Stay tuned...

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