Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A cool new thing

I was looking at a friend's blog and found this cool new gadget!! If you scroll to the bottom of the page...you'll see my travel logs. Where in the world I have visited and where in the US I have visited!! It's really cool!! Check it out...Now I know which states I need to visit to see all 50 in my lifetime! It helped that as a child, my family used to go on vacations...a lot...and we spent one summer out west in a Winebago. I remember it a such fun...but I'm sure that my parents would have a different story about how Brian and I complained and fought all the time!!

I guess that looking at things mow...my life has been really good..even during my single years...all the placed I was able to visit and such. I only hope that we will still be able to give some of that to Rebekah as she grows up. Grand Canyon, The Smokie Mountains, The Appalacians, Mount Rushmore, Washington DC, New York, Chicago, Africa, and Europe. It would be so much fun to share some of those memories wit Rebekah as she makes her own memories in the future.

Speaking of Rebekah...We've been swimming lately...Rebekah is learning to float now...She likes her ladybug. We had a great time for the 4th of July as well. I can't believe that the summer is more than half over!!

I have been knitting even though it doesn't actually look like it. Right now...I have a new shawl...Mia Bella! And I started into my next shawl...Masked Ball in Venice. I also have a pair of Monkey socks on the needles for Kristine. Actually...I have 2 pair of Monkey socks...one for me as well. And I'm a test knitter as well. Once I can show pictures of that I certainly will!! Plus I have 2 sweaters on the needles and one sweater that I really want to do with some awesome yarn that was handdyed by Wendy, the Yarn Fairy!! I just haven't been able to let myself start another sweater with 2 in the works already!! Here's a pic of my Mia Bella (with our new digital camera...long story, but FYI Digital camera + Mountain Dew + 2 1/2 YO daughter and Best Buy warrenties will get you a new camera all the time!! Love it Olympus Stylus 10mp camera that is also WATERPROOF!! It acutally allows you to take underwater pictures!! anyway...)
I love this shawl. It was the las KAL on the Knitting Delight yahoo group (german) and Brigit Freyer always produces such lovely shawls!! Here's mine!!

I suppose this is enough catch up for now!!

Oh...AWESOME recipe for Apple Dumplings!! This is one of those "eat at your own risk" recipes!! Totally yummy!! And really great warm with ice cream!

That's all for now!!

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