Monday, June 8, 2009

What have I been up to??!? between Facebook, Plurk, Twitter, Ravelry, and my blog takes a little longer and there aren't any word games!! We really have been doing stuff. It's been so long that I won't bore you with all the pictures and things...

Jim is doing great this first half of the summer semester at OCC. He's getting A's in all 3 of his classes and these are doozies!! But he is doing great and I'm so proud of him. And he still has time to help Rebekah learn to ride her tricycle. What a great Dad!!

We had a great Mother's day and my birthday. Mom was home from Florida.

We celebrated Memorial Day with the annual Waterford Parade down Dixie Highway. Now Rebekah wants to go everyday!! She loved it. And loves having Grandma and Grandpa home from Florida.

Rebekah is now able to count to 12 and say her ABC's. She also learned "Hallelujah" yesterday at church and is having a great time singing today. She was the hit on Palm Sunday morning...I was ringing bells up front... She is such a joy!

I have been knitting too. And because of the Cyber Fiber Retreat that one of my yahoo groups had (Love it!!) I also learned to kool aid dye yarn...

And I've knitted hats and shawls and still working on sweaters and making plans for more shawls...I'm almost finished with this one (only 6 more rows...but lots of beads, that slows it down...)

And we have still had time to fly a kite!!!

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