Saturday, April 23, 2011

Our Friday Fiber Adventure

I have been watching my Best Friend's adventures in fibering this week and developing a jealous streak a mile wide. She has so many talents when it comes to fiber that I can only help but be jealous. So I got a little motivated to try something new with Rebekah today. It's the time of year we remember Christ's death and Celebrate His resurrection. Easter. Jim, Rebekah, and I colored some eggs as we have each year.

     Then we needed to find something to do with the leftover dye we had. I really did not want to just dump it out without trying something new and fibery with it. So here Rebekah and I used a 10cc syringe and shot little injections of egg dye into already prepped bare yarn. I had already purchased yarn for this from Knitpicks. They have a great selection of bare yarns for dyeing.  So anyhow...I prepped the yarn by soaking in water and as we already added vinegar to our easter egg color pots...I only added another 10 cc to each.  After we were done with our eggs, I let Rebekah choose whatever colors she wanted to inject onto her yarn. She had so much fun!  And I must admit so did I. We used up almost all of the left over egg dye just shooting it onto and into the yarn spread on the plate.

This is the two plates we ended up with...I finished wrapping it in plastic wrap and microwaving each plate for 2 minutes...then swapping plates and continuing that process every 2 minutes for 3 cycles...all of the dye was used and the water ran clear.  After leaving it to cool off on the counter for a while...we rinsed the yarn in cool water with a dab of herbal shampoo...I didn't see any dye come off in the water so I was thrilled that the dye struck.

This is the result of Rebekah's after processing...right now the yarn is hanging in the kitchen to dry...and the process of choosing an appropriate pattern to make up socks for Rebekah and I...

So this is how we spent out Fabulous Friday Fiber Adventure.  It turned out really nice. Rebekah's skein is on the left and mine is on the right. I am having trouble waiting for it to dry!!! I must tell you that this is DeDe's fault...she encouraged me to try something a little different with fiber. Maybe next time I will break out my drop spindle and play with some roving...

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De-De said...

Way to go!!! You both did a great job, and I'm so proud of you for venturing out and experiencing something new - not to mention doing your duty to help create a next generation of fiber addicts. Two wonderful skeins that I can't wait to see knit up! Ya done good, my friend! :) BTW, am I allowed to be jealous of that 10mm syringe? Mine is a 1mm! :(