Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just goofing around

I got a great deal the other day on one of those bags with the plastic picture slots for holding snapshots of your favorite people. I only paid 3$ for the bag from Michael's because of their 40% off coupons. I have been wanting one of these bags and they had some in pink. So I decided to go through some of my recent pix of Rebekah and settled on only 5...because there is only 5 was a little hard to settle on so few. So I decided to share a couple here. I've already shared the one that I like while making paper mache the other day and here are a few more of my favorite daughter!!
She's a handful during the day but so cute when she sleeps! And she is a total fashionista!!  She tells me what she wants to wear...

And then there is having fun with daddy!
And lets not forget my current favorite right new Droid X will let me take Sepia pictures and I managed to get this one while we were riding the carousel at the mall a few weeks ago. So this is how I spent some time this afternoon. Along with knitting. Yes I haven't completely forgotten my knitting. I have completed one goal this year by trying a new craft with the paper mache. I can't believe that Joann Fabrics had coupons for 5$ off one item as long as it was at least 5$ I managed to buy some Crayola paints for 2$ after using that coupon. I have been a customer of Joann's for many years and get the flyers sent to the house...and I have NEVER seen this coupon for 5$ off...5@ off a 25$ purchase...but not simply 5$ off...and what do you know...I go the newest coupon flyer for starting Saturday...and it had another 5$ off coupon. I have been trying to save money by couponing and this is a great deal for me! So anyhow...that's how we were able to get the paint for our paper mache project and we painted them last night. I haven't ever tried Paper Mache and I was excited to work on this with Rebekah. we had a blast. Dad took some pictures and I will post them later and get a final picture when everything is dry!

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De-De said...

What a great set of pix! Not sure which I love most. :)