Tuesday, January 20, 2009

To Play or Not To Play

It seems like I have too many things to do!! Most of all...I play and I love playing with...My Little Princess. I had a difficult time convincing her to take off the dress for about 5 days!! Even then, it was only to put on Princess Jammies...Oh to be a child again.

I have been doing some knitting as well! Currently, I am working on my Harbour Lights Shawl

I am also working on Pearled Romance...Charlotte Bronte...
Lady Jane...and looking ahead to a Spring Shawl and Mystic Star.

I also finally started my February Lady Sweater that I have been dying to knit for about 6 months!!

I'm just glad I'm not the President and have time to play with Rebekah and knit!!

(these thoughts and pictures uploaded while watching the Presidential Inauguration today.)

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