Friday, July 18, 2008

Long Time, Little Done

Wow!! Time is flying here!! I can't believe that July is half over, where did June go?!? It seems like just yesterday that we were at the 4th of July parade!

I was going through my projects and realized that I have so many things started and very little finished!! How sad. I had to take time off from the KALs that I am in and finish up my Booby socks that are a gift for a friend's Birthday. I was able to get them finished on Tuesday night.
I had a little trouble getting my "model" to cooperate for the pictures!

I also finished up clue 3 of Casablanca last week but didn't find time to lay it out for pictures utnil now. My little helper is in bed...I added in one extra "window" for a few extra rows. I probably won't need the extra lenght, but I like how this is looking and it is so much fun to knit. Anne (Catlady) is such a fun designer. Her clues all tell the story of how and why she designed the clues. I am loving this. I'm working on clue 4 but it isn't done yet. I'm officially behind since clue 5 is out today!!!

On another note, I have been going to Physical Therapy 3 time a week for a tendonitis in my shoulder. The therapy is working. But sitting there, doing 10 mintues on an "arm bike" and looking out the same window at the same trees then 5 minutes of stretching and 10 mintues of bands...gets a little monotonous. So I dug out my little Sansa mP3 player and loaded a few episode of Lime and Violet. They are hilarious to listen to while you are doing therapy or knitting on break (I can only watch so many Law and Order Re-runs at 2AM). I am happy to admit that I love the Yarn Porn but have not succumbed to ordering any new yarn. I am desperately close to ordeing a skein of Socks That Rock, but I haven't so far. I have been listening to the older episodes and found myself casting on these...

I spent a few days listening to Miss Lime talk about her Baudelaire socks that I had to cast on my own with Brown Sheep Wildfoote in Blue Blood Red. They are really fun! I have never done toe up socks and tried the figure 8 cast on that was recommended. I did not like how it left a gap of stitches once the first row was knitted after the cast on. So I frogged and tried Judy's Magic Cast On. This was so easy and turned out beautifully!! No gap! I can now say that I am liking the toe up. I can try them on so easily for the proper fit.

Well, that gets me caught up for the time being!! Just in time to be getting ready for SOTS 3!! I love taking part in DK's KALs. I learn so much and she has gorgeous patterns. Ands I enjoy trying to figure out the puzzle of the mystery with each clue. I will be using stash yarn this time. I have to decide between Knit Picks Shadow (pink) or Zephyr (cassis) I have time to decide. I'll probably swatch them both and then decide.

Wow, sorry for the long post, but it's been a while!

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