Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just getting started on 2011

OK. I actually survived 2010. And I have come to the conclusion this morning that January of 2011 is almost behind us!  I cannot believe it. Seems like yesterday was Christmas. Well, actually, Monday was Christmas Tree take down/takeout last week was Christmas, right????

I took a few days to look over my goals from 2010 and was surprised that a couple of them I actually did meet. I did make some socks from Cat Bordi's New pathways, I listened and read many books, but I don't think I got to the 50 mark. I did finish Jim's Wedding Afghan. And that's about all for accomplishing the goals. I worked toward all of them but I fell somewhat short of most of them. So incorporated into  my goals for 2011 I have many unachieved goals...I'm wondering how many will still be unachieved in 2012? But that's a whole year away! So....

Here is my official list of goals for 2011:
1. Be 25 pounds lighter by 2012.
2. Exercise 20 minutes a day for 3 days a week.
3. Increase water intake and decrease pop intake
4. Do something with my hair.

1. Read Bible through in 2011.
2. Memorize one scripture at least every month.
3. Get back involved in church regularly.
4. Participate in a Bible Study.
5. Keep a prayer journal.

1. Take back control of CHAOS.
2. Keep laundry under control.
3. Clean out computer room.
4. Clean and organize Dining Room.
5. Develop coupon budgeting.
6. Develop and stay on budget for household.

1. Read/listen to 50 books in 2011.
2. Read something recommended that I would not normally read.
3. Complete 3 Knitting UFO's.
4. Complete 2 projects using stash yarn.
5. Challenge the TKGA Level 1 Master Knitter Program.
6. Learn a new technique in knitting or craft.
7. Keep Ravelry updated.
8. Design socks for Rebekah.
9. Teach Rebekah to knit/crochet/weave/sew...something crafty with Rebekah.

So there it is. My official list of goals for 2011. I can't say that I am unhappy about 2010. I had a lot of obstacles to overcome last year, Jim's Hospitalization in January, Jim's Hip replacement in April, the terrible schedule of classes for May through December, starting Rebekah into Preschool and driving both Rebekah and Jim to and from schools, working midnights and trying to survive on one income, modification of primary mortgage and not losing the house...and so much more!

And through all of the year of 2010, I have not lost my Lord and Savior, He has been beside me all the way every day even when I had little time for Him (to my shame). I have not lost my best woman friend, DeDe. She has challenged me, encouraged me, and lifted us up before the throne of God in prayer when we needed it. I have not lost my dear husband, James. And I am grateful to God for His Mercy and Grace and continued work in our lives and marriage. I have not lost my dearest Daughter, Rebekah, although she is growing and quite a tomboy sometimes and performs feats that make a mother's heart quake! So, in all, I have lost nothing and gained much from 2010 and for all that I have learned and the experiences I have gained, I am grateful!

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De-De said...

You trying to make me cry here? Same goes both directions. It may not have been on your goal list, but you managed to keep me sane in 2010 - no small feat. For your prayers, encouragement, and belief in me when I didn't believe in myself, thanks, Friend! :o) Now, let's go get 'em and have a great 2011!!!